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Our legal team is unmatched in terms of knowledge, experience and forward-thinking approach. Our firm`s lawyers are often recognized for their ability to formulate effective, compliance-focused immigration solutions while providing businesses with flexibility and agility in their search for talent. We effectively advise our clients on optimal immigration strategies and solutions. Our team members regularly speak at conferences, roundtables and webinars on immigration. Certificate of appreciation from the Orange County Clerk for the quality of legal services to the Vietnamese community and Orange County residents. Our firm is 100% focused on providing immigration law services to businesses, small businesses and start-ups. We offer our customers unparalleled knowledge, flawless quality and long-term value. Whether you`re injured in an accident, on the road, at work or in hospital, our experienced legal team can help you provide you with the support you need to ensure you are fairly compensated. With over five decades of experience representing clients across Ohio, we provide the quality legal representation you need.

With continuous efforts to provide legal services, protect the legal and fair rights of litigants and assume responsibility for the community, especially the Vietnamese community living in Orange County, WOW Law Group has been confirmed and validated with prestigious awards and certificates. I always appreciate your communication skills, James. It is a pleasure to work with you. Departing from the traditional law firm approach, our firm applies a fluid and flexible workflow model that is determined by projects and deadlines. We are constantly looking for creative solutions to help our customers save time and money. Our unwavering dedication to providing the best services also means that our commitment to providing a quality product is unwavering. Operationally, our integrated team approach facilitates seamless relocation of files throughout the immigration lifecycle. As a case matures throughout the process, it goes through several quality checks. We believe this extra attention to detail is crucial to getting approvals in a timely manner. Today is such a happy day.

I approved my I-829! Thank you for being there for us over the past three years. Don`t rush to pay traffic fines, you and our lawyers can fight for your rights. The lawyers will represent you in court to contest the ticket. If you don`t win, you don`t lose any costs. We offer you the personalized support of a lawyer at all stages of your case. The lawyer you are meeting with for the first time will handle your case from start to finish. Contact us to discuss your case. If your injuries prevent you from coming to see us, please consult our personal injury lawyers at home or in hospital. Yelp users haven`t asked any questions yet about Wow Law Group. Each member of our team is a first-generation immigrant with degrees from world-class schools in the United States.

Not only do we empathize with our customers, but we also strive to use our skills to positively change your life and the lives of your loved ones. Thank you for your impressive work, James! Thanks to you, our customers always have a 100% approval rate! Attorney Yang helped our investor get his I-526 license in 23 days! Certificate of appreciation from an Orange County congressman for the birth of WOW Law Group, which contributes to community service “I got a ticket because I turned right and didn`t yield the right of way to pedestrians. I saw pedestrians, but they hadn`t walked down the street to pass. I was upset because the police hadn`t listened to my explanation and just wanted to give the ticket. I contacted the office for instructions on how to fight a ticket. We lost first, but the office was very enthusiastic and asked the lawyer to pursue the litigation. The court ruled that my reason was correct and dismissed the police ticket. Our Ohio auto accident attorneys just work for you and do all the work on a contingent basis — meaning there`s no attorney fees for any recovery. Call toll-free now at 216-292-5200 or fill out our online form to speak with one of our lawyers for a free initial consultation and find out how we can help you and your family through this difficult time. Our Ohio lawyers have collectively served thousands of clients over their 50 years. Our success and commitment to client service led to our lawyers being selected for admission to Ohio Super Lawyers in 2006, 2007, 2010 and 2011.

Our lawyers are also rated AV Preeminent Peer Review* by Martindale-Hubbell, which is the highest rating. The lawyer speaks directly with the insurance company to claim the highest compensation for the client. Trust WOW LAW GROUP to help you recover physically, mentally and financially after a car accident. Wow Law Group is open Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat. We are one of the leading business immigration companies in the country. All of our lawyers have handled hundreds of immigration cases of various types and have gathered important information on what it takes to tip the scales in your favor. Thank you to Pegasus Law Group for helping us file so many urgent cases before the deadline. We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with you! To see how we can use our advanced testing skills and years of experience to your advantage, contact us at (216) 292-5200 or fill out our online form to schedule a free initial consultation. Lawyers are notorious for not communicating well or not at all well with clients! Our law firm is deeply annoyed by this idea. As clients, you can expect to receive timely responses and updates from our lawyers about your case.

“At first, I was a little apprehensive about using an online ticket collection service. I just want to pay and go to traffic school because I was afraid my points would be deducted. But after hearing the explanation and knowing that I had a high chance of winning, I decided to use the ticket release service. Today I received my deposit of $367 and the ticket was completely declined. A big thank you to the office! Impressive! I can`t believe I got my case approved so easily! Thank you for sending us the permit! Thank you for all your help along the way.

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